Как добраться

Для получения информации о том, как добраться из интересующего Вас города в Нижний Новгород, необходимо выбрать географическую область. Далее, нужно выбрать страну и город отправления. При нажатии на кнопку с названием города, под картой будут отображены возможные варианты маршрута.

Место отправления: Los Angeles

Место прибытия: Nizhniy Novgorod

Direct routes
Type Company Price from
Name Company http://transaero.ru 999.99$
Transfer to Railway 998.70$

Airport arrival Strigino

plan scheme

603056, Nizhny Novgorod,
JSC "Nizhny Novgorod International Airport - Strigino"
Tel .: +7 (831) 256-08-33
fax: +7 (831) 294-39-81
email. Email: airportnn@nts.nnov.ru
Help Phone: 8-800-1000333 (toll-free in Russia)
or +7 (831) 269-38-19

Airline Airport: +7 (831) 256-20-95
Commercial Airline: +7 (831) 269-30-68
Air freight service: +7 (831) 269-35-39
Passenger air service: +7 (831) 269-35-76
Temporary storage (customs post): +7 (831) 269-40-18
Department of Border Control "Nizhny Novgorod -
airport": +7 (831) 256-48-00, 269-37-86
Background on the provision of public services
to extend the period of validity of visas for foreign
citizens: +7 (831) 256-74-52, 269-31-80

Express check are late to the departure of passengers, passenger check-in and baggage through the business hall, negotiations and meetings: +7 (831) 256-43-13

HR department: +7 (831) 269-35-33, 269-37-31
Medical center: +7 (831) 293-94-28
Production and dispatch service: +7 (831) 269-33-43
Cafe: +7 (831) 259-64-83 (from 8.00 to 20.00)
The airport can be reached by buses №11 (metro station "Park Kultury" bus stop "Pl. Kiseleva," next to the DC GAS) and №20 (metro station "Avtozavodskaya"), as well as by taxi T-29 , T-46 (from the metro station "Park Kultury" bus stop "Pl. Kiseleva," next to the DC GAS).

Moskovskiy railway station

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